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Dr. Shail Gupta, MBBS, MD, with his experienced team has an outstanding portfolio of over 1 million success stories..

Satya Clinic is an initiative by Dr. Shaiil Gupta & Dr. Ruchi Agarwal, started in 2005, with a vision of providing truthful, honest, artistic, skillful & passionate hair restoration treatments to people from all over the globe.

We have successfully treated 100K + patients since then & still, the happy ‘SATYA’ family is growing in number, with your love & affection. You always get honest opinions about your condition and right from the beginning you are on the right track. You never have to worry that you are missing out on something.



Assessment helps in giving a vision to both the patient and the transplant surgeon. Hair restoration is a journey that can be planned only after proper assessment with the doctor. Every patient has a different stage & progression of baldness, different donor density, and different expectations.

As one shoe cannot fit all, likewise a single hair transplant plan will not work in all cases. Your donor is very precious, hence we insist you plan it only after having all your facts correct.

An assessment before planning a transplant is crucial for judiciously using your donor and making a customized plan for you. There are certain decisions that we need to make during our initial assessment before transplant. This includes the techniques for transplant (FUT or FUE) the donor area to be used (scalp, beard, or body hair), whether to start medicines or not and if yes, then the frequency and dose for the same. Also, most importantly, more often than not, there lies a huge gap between one’s expectations and the achievable results. A physical assessment would help a lot in bridging this gap between your expectations & reality. It also helps to dispel any misconceptions and falsehoods that you might have come across.


Planning needs to be done in terms of the extent of use of the donor, and the introduction of medicine. There are two ways of giving medicine namely:

  1. As a blanket treatment for all the patients in full dose
  2. Using the minimal dose in the right patient and at the right time.

The second approach which is conservative and beneficial requires proper planning at the beginning itself.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Satya is the only clinic in the world, which does all the hair restoration techniques (FUE, FUT, synthetic hair, MHT technique, Body hair transplant, Repair Transplant, Long hair transplant, SMP, and various combinations of these) under one roof. This gives you the freedom to choose the best approach customized to your needs.

Dr. Shaiil believes in continuous development and tries to make Satya the best version of itself through technological advancements and innovations. Satya is equipped with the most advanced state-of-the-art technology, high-quality instruments, and one of the most experienced and well-trained OT teams.

At Satya, you can always rest assured about the quality in terms of choosing the procedure and doing it with a full check on quality control. We have equipped our OT with the most advanced, microscopes, magnifying loops, and a large well-trained team to assist the surgery.

The outcomes of any surgical procedure depend not just on the skills of the surgeon but also on the sterilization measure taken in the OT. It is a crucial step to avoid post-transplant infection & other complications.
All the precautions are taken in terms of sterilization and hygiene during transplant surgeries.

The OT team has been properly trained under Dr. Shaiil’s guidance and is updated on the recent technological advances from time to time. Satya aims to give you an artistic yet natural transplant under the best of a sterilized hygienic and safe environment.

Follow-Up & Post Transplant Support

A true mentor will always hold your hand and guide you along the twists & turns of your path. When you opt hair transplant, you enter an entirely new domain, and hence would require support & guidance from time to time.

In Dr. Shaiil’s words,” Hair Transplant is a journey and not a destination”.
You will get many doubts during your hair restoration journey.
There are two approaches to planning a hair transplant. One is to have a blanket treatment that uses a full dose of medicine for every patient irrespective of their requirement. This approach is much easier & profitable for the doctor & clinic but it will cost you a lot in terms of wastage of donors, non-sustainable results, trust, money, and time.

The other approach is to make a customized plan which takes a lot of effort and time from the surgeon and cooperation from the patient. Here we optimize the use of all resources (donor, medicines, PRP) in the right dose, at the right time, and in the right patient.

At Satya, our team of doctors stays in touch with all the patients even after the complete results of the transplant are evident.

Hairloss is a progressive condition and hence requires frequent monitoring and a change in the treatment plan, as and when required. Starting a full dose of medicine along with a transplant can boost transplant results up to 60-80%. But these results will not sustain once you stop the medicine either because of the side effects or tolerance.

On the other hand, limited and planned use of medicine will give you a natural, sustainable result.

As Satya famously believes in the action approach- “ Plan it right, Plan it now”.

Visual Client Journey

Patient Experiences


Satya has been spreading smiles amongst its patients for last more than 20 years. Satya aims to give results that are natural and sustainable. Satya’s famous “Nature mimic Hairline” is a precise combination of art and science.
Results are broad of two types:

  1. Flashy but short-lived
  2. Natural yet sustainable

The results at Satya are created by a strategic and artistic placement of grafts which gives you a beautiful aesthetic appearance and enhance your facial aesthetics as well.

As a patient, it becomes difficult for you to sometimes differentiate between real transplant results and medicine-boosted results. You can get lured by boosted results, fake celebrity endorsements,s, and flashy marketing gimmicks.

At Satya, we do not aim for one short-term glory, instead, strive hard for the long-term benefit of our patients.

It takes a lot of skill, courage, and hard work to create an impeccable, natural-looking hairline without taking the help of medicine.

Dr. Shaiil’s results are miraculous not just in terms of a natural hairline, coverage, and a perfect merging of transplanted and existing hairs but they have also been created keeping in mind the patient’s facial aesthetics, choice of hair styling, and overall personality.


As we know Hair loss can be progressive and even after Hair Transplantation your existing Hair can thin out. Even the transplanted Hair can acquire the characteristics of the recipient site, though these hairs are relatively resistant and it takes a longer time for them to thin out as compared to existing non-transplanted hair.

Reason Why We Found SATYA

  • A True Source of Information
  • Our Core Principles
  • Compassion for Life & People
  • Gratitude
  • Universal Love

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